It has struggles,

It has smiles.

It has calmness,

And joyous rides.

It has broken steps,

And long strides.

It has shattered feelings,

In humorous disguise.

Inspiration everywhere,

And opportunities a wide.

Some long awaited greetings,

And some unexpected good-byes.

It has emotions, expressed,

And some feelings that need to hide.

Many a glorious beginning,

And endings intensified.

Do you wonder what ‘It’ does mean?

By now you must’ve become so keen,

It’ is nothing but life’s vivid journey,

A journey with countless mysteries unseen…

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The Mysterious Maiden

In that old, dilapidated room,

Beside the shabby, worn out broom,

There sat a pretty, young girl

As if her mind was in a whirl.

Her face was white and Oh so pale,

In a fearful voice, she narrated her tale.

I stared at her, from head to toe,

As I listened to her moving tale of woe.

Her hair was twisted and in a mess,

An old brown shawl hid her tattered dress.

She was bleeding and sobbing silently in pain,

I perceived her cries were not all in vain..

“I sacrificed my happiness, for the sake of my children,

In return, I’ve received their painful burden.

They’ve plundered me, never did I protest,

They gave me the worst, I showered on them my best.

I provided them with shelter and food to eat,

And worse than slaves myself they did treat!

I protected them from storms so strong,

And now, I’m blamed for every wrong!

I gave them the joy of my beautiful creations,

But they were determined to destroy nations.

My love for them never grew any less,

Still, I ended up in such a mess….”

She could no longer bear her sons’ hate,

And there she was, crying at her fate.

It was indeed very late at night,

And her eyes were moist with sorrow and fright.

What she said next, was precise and clear,

It made me shudder and shiver with fear;

“I won’t take this hatred any more,

If my children don’t change, they’ll perish for sure.

If my warning, they do not heed,

A monstrous future, upon them will feed.”

There was one question that puzzled my mind,

Its answer, I was determined to find;

So I asked her, as she dried her eyes,

“Who are you, O lady wise?”

Wiping her tears she waited for a while,

And then replied with a hesitant smile,

“I am the mother of every creature,

Yes, I am…… Mother Nature!”

My friends, indeed you have guessed it right,

It was a dream, so deep and bright.

But the message conveyed is not for fun,

Heed it….so that our future’s a bright one.

Thanks πŸ™‚



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I wish to remember the 21st of May,

I was lucky enough to meet you that day.

How I had wished to hold your hand and say,

“I’ll be yours till the time fades away.”

I wish we had floated to a fairy land,

Where melodies were echoed by the birds at hand.

With an effort I tried to look into the future,

Those misty days in their hazy vesture.

I wished time had stood as still as a pillar,

None could have moved it with any vigour.

My heart filled with fear for what was to come,

I sat retrospective amidst all the humdrum.

Today, as I sit alone with the wind on my face,

Today, as I look back at those joyful days.

Enriched by my experiences, my tears have now gone,

Life is about experiencing, learning and moving on.

Thank you πŸ™‚

#Time is the best healer…

Alone at Home…

Originally written by Barkaat Fatima.

It was just another night and I was trying really hard to focus on the biology book kept in front of me but my brain being a rebel wasn’t ready to do so. And ultimately, I succumbed to the biryani kept in the fridge. I was already drooling. I went to the kitchen and put the biryani in the oven. But God had some other plans for me that night…..

I stood there humming the tune of my favourite song when my eyes fell on a pair of popping eyes behind the window and I let out an inevitable scream!!!

It was a dead body…!!!

The biryani didn’t seem luscious anymore and I straight away ran to my room. The terrible part was that there was nobody home and my phone was as usually running out of balance. I was horrified. I decided to call it a nightmare and wait for the morning. But those big popping eyes kept on flashing in front of me making me wonder if it was the dead body or those eyes that were freaking me out……..!!!!

I was woken up by the doorbell. The most awaited morning of my life was finally there. I ran to the door and opened it. It was my maid. I immediately took her to the kitchen and asked her to dispose off the dead body.

Cause what could be more terrifying than living with a dead lizard in your kitchen!? But I warned her not to look into those beady eyes because eyes alone my friend, can give you memories for eternity…!!!!

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Social virtualism!!!

She had 1968 followers on Twitter!!

She had 1076 friends on Facebook!!!

And…she had 879 WhatsApp contacts!!!

But only one waited outside the ICU that day……..

The one she had unfriended and blocked on social media……..!!!

P.S: I had read this on one of the blogs here and this really touched my heart…. The simple post conveys such a deep message!!!! I wanted to reblog this but I’m terribly sorry because even after going through many blogs here, I couldn’t find the author and didn’t come across this post again! I might have missed it but if anyone can direct me to the original post or the author’s blog, I would be very grateful!

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Lyrics Challenge – 3 days Quotes Challenge – Day 3

Big thanks to A.J. of Tokens of Expression for nominating me for this challenge. Thanks for the recognition I really enjoyed this challenge ❀ check out her blog here


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post one quote (song lyric) each day for three days.
  3. Nominate three people.

When you ask me to post a song lyric, its obviously much more than just a quote and honestly, there are so many beautiful songs with such heart warming and meaningful lyrics that its almost next to impossible to choose just one….

But I am sharing with all of you here, one of my personal favourite song lyrics.

Give me some sunshine,

Give me some rain,

Give me another chance,

I wanna grow up once again………..

Bachpan to gaya,

Jawani bhi gayi,

Ek pal to ab hame,

Jeene do, jeene do…..

Saari umra hum,

Mar mar k jee liye,

Ek pal to ab hume,

Jeene do, jeene do….!!!!!

Translation of the second paragraph:

My childhood days are over,

My youth has gone away,

Let me have peace for a moment at least,

Let me LIVE my life now…

All my life, through all my ages,

I have Survived and not Lived,

Now give me a moment to rest and enjoy,

Let me really LIVE my life now…..!!!!

This song is from the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots.

Its a wonderful movie and conveys a deep message through it’s songs’ lyrics…. It beckons the students not to run after marks but to run after knowledge. Life is not about mugging up answers and securing high grades in exams, it’s not about materialistic success, its about your quest for knowledge, your understanding of practical things, your contribution towards society and most importantly, life is about LIVING it, about enjoying it to the fullest and about doing things which give you happiness and satisfaction!!!

In this song, it is said that all our life we are working tirelessly, running in a race to clear competitions. From our childhood we are taught to strive for good marks, then admission in a good university / college, then strive for a good job (with high salary) better future, status in society, name, fame, money and what not!!!!!!! The list goes on and we keep striving till our last breath….

But, the minute we die, nothing remains!! What is left is our memories, our good name, and the happiness and satisfaction we achieve while LIVING life…!!! πŸ™‚ Hence, we are asked to take out time for ourselves, to rest, to enjoy and to LIVE!!!! πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

My nominees:

  • Pia Majumdar of Finally Unchained
  • Abhi
  • Jhavinder of Fun And Factz 4 U
  • Pavan Athreyas

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World Peace And Harmony

This poem has a universal approach, though it’s based on the Indian atmosphere. The message is for every human being who is indeed being human!!! The only need of the hour to save the world, is peace, love, unity, sympathy and charity….

I would also like to thank Patrick for coming up with the peace love award, which is a great initiative in this direction. I had been trying since many days to post something regarding this and today finally, I got those words for writing this poem! I hope it proves efficient enough to convey the message and powerful enough to stir your mind…..

Peace is glory, peace is dignity,

Peace is love and peace is amity.

Birds fly free and high,

Soaring up in the blue sky,

Flowers bloom when spring arrives,

Sun-God’s chariot bright beauty drives,

Dew drops snuggle and nestle on leaves,

As bees buzz excitedly around, with ease.

Why aren’t we as happy as them?

So free, so elated, with no burden….

Take the morning newspaper in your hand…

What do you find?

Destruction is rife all over land,

As if peace and harmony are banned….!!

Incessant flashes of terror and violence,

Brutally murder solitude and silence….

In the land that belongs to Buddha and Mahavira,

The land of Lord Ram and, Rahim Fakira,

The land of Nanak, of Kabeer and of Gandhi,

Who was known for his nonviolent struggle in Dandi

This very land rings out with a heart wrenching wail,

Of wives, mothers, daughters helpless,

At the hands of fate wielding the flail…..

My eyes look out for those beasts,

Who explode bombs in trains, buses and streets,

Who fire bullets at hospitals and schools, at commoners so simple,

Who don’t even spare the churches, mosques and temples!!

My red blood boils on seeing my cities red,

Red with the blood of my own people…

In every corner of the world, in every language known,

Lets speak the word of peace in each and every zone.

Raise your voices until we drown,

The noise of ugly hatred and war.

Raise your voices until the sound of peace,

To a loud and thunderous roar does increase.

When I woke up in the morning,

To a bright yet gentle breeze,

I saw the trees and flowers swaying with ease.

I was sure that PEACE the world would grace,

And as the wind brushed gently over my face.

I could see a new ray of hope in the following days….

There is still time to remove the blindfolds,

There is still time to understand, that hope still holds,

There is still time to wash away hatred’s stains,

There is still time: Change the climate and reap the gains!!!

We have to spread the word of peace in order to ascertain a bright future, where there is no blood shed, no wars, no hatred, no cries, no suffering…..only love, peace and harmony.

Thanks πŸ™‚

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School days |The Conclusion|

Hello everyone.

It is said that “Destruction is the beginning of creation.” Everything in this world comes to an end and so on a sad note, let me inform you that your school days series is coming to an end…

But on the other hand, there’s a good news…!!!!!

When I started this school days series, I wasn’t sure about the response but I am indebted to all you fellow bloggers and readers for all your love and support. πŸ™‚

This gave me the idea to start something new…. a challenge…….. guess what??? A challenge related to these posts.

Here are the rules :

  1. Share your most memorable school memory. It may be funny, serious, inspirational or anything as long as its important to you!! You can share poems, stories, pictures, jokes or anything related to this theme.
  2. Mention all the rules and give a bit description about this school days series.
  3. Link it with the original post “School days |The Conclusion|” so that I, ie, Tisha, gets a pingback.
  4. Nominate 5 bloggers and provide them the link to the original post.
  5. This is an open challenge and anyone who wishes to participate can take it up, even if you have not been nominated. But follow the rules. πŸ™‚
  6. Provide a link to this original post “School days |The Conclusion|” and also a link to the blog who nominated you. Ask your nominees to link their post to the original post i.e, “School days |The Conclusion|” so that I get a pingback. (I don’t want to miss reading any of those posts!!)
  7. Tag it with the #SchoolaholicChallenge

So, that’s it!!! Get ready, recall your best memories and share them here.

And BTW as for the last post of this school days series, here is today’s picture:

One of the most important part of school life is friends. So today’s post is dedicated to all those wonderful beings who have a great impact on our life: {Smile please, dear friend!! πŸ™‚ }

For those who don’t understand Hindi, Dhakkan is used as a pun. It means cap and its also used as a synonym for idiot!!

All the best!!!

Have a wonderful day!! πŸ™‚

Thank you!! πŸ™‚

The Promise Of Love

My paintings – my old memories πŸ™‚

She was lonely and somewhat lost,

Broken deep down inside,

She wanted a companion, a friend,

Nothing more, to make a new start…….

With joyous surprise and thrill she beams,

She found the man of her dreams!!

Gentle, caring, trusting and understanding,

Into her life he came,

With the promise of fulfilment and happiness,

Things were no longer the same.

His presence around was a dream come true,

She’d never imagined a warmth of this hue!

Such emotions flowed through her,

Which she never knew she would feel,

Beauty, tenderness, faith and hope,

Her broken heart did heal…

Her secret prayers were answered,

And she had now decided,

Circumstances, whatever they may be,

Sorrows, joys or a difficulty,

She’d walk with him in every clime,

Right through to the end of time….!!!

PS: This is the story of my cousin sister and I had written this poem for her on her wedding day. I blogged it today, on her 2nd marriage anniversary, to pray that their relationship is strong and to wish them peace and joy!!!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

The School Stage

On all those regular, routine days,

The school stage looks lifeless in its shades of greys.

But soon enough there are days of celebrations,

And the stage bursts forth into colourful manifestations

As we enter the school on those special event days,

Excitement accompanies us on our ways.

There are expectations about the order of the day,

And the school stage awakens, a relevant message to convey.

Seeing the school stage so bright makes us speechless,

Priceless moments captured to forever become timeless.

On every special event, the stage appears attractive,

The backdrop conveys the message so appropriate and impressive.

The hard work of the juniors

The aesthetics of the seniors.

And lo! Before us is displayed,

A resplendent backdrop, never to fade!

On every gala event, be it Graduation or Parents’ Night

The stage rises to the occasion decked up like a bride!

It takes us all on a wonderful fantasy ride,

The feeling of awe within us, we simply cannot hide!

There are decorations of colourful ribbons and festoons,

That colourful, creative backdrop! It sends us into swoons.

Performances of the children breathe magic into it,

Or how else for any occasion does it become fit?

Though the stage has its own unique life story,

Its the performances undoubtedly who add to its glory!

It’s heart beats loud and it’s face cheerfully glows,

As it beckons the eager students to happily put up their shows!!



Thanks πŸ™‚