Shattered dreams!!

Fancy cars speeding in every direction,

How the rich kids make an impression!

Extravagance and enjoyment are their rights,

There are no resentments and no fights.

But look at those children so different, I pray,

Those whose childhood has been snatched away…

See their tender hands loading coals on the truck,

Hands that are thin and covered in muck.

Their black grimy faces where their hopes are dying,

Their sunken eyes show they’re tired of crying.

Their cuts and bruises are far from healing,

Their senses are numb; they have no feeling.

Those hands that are meant for study and play

Should they be working and labouring all day?

Loved and protected, filled with laughter wild,

Should this not be the profile of a child?

They gaze longingly at the children’s park,

And pray that God should end their dark.

And pull them out from those mires of griefs,

For those circumstances are their childhood’s thieves!!

As I get up to walk back alone,

My pain is deep, it makes me groan…

Tears fill my eyes, my conscience screams,

To see those rough hands and shattered dreams…..

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Alfaaz – Love

In collaboration with The realist

इश्क़ रूह से हो ,
तो सूरत खुद-ब-खुद खूब हो जाती है।।

~ दी रियलिस्ट

सूरत और शौकत तो दिखावे है जनाब,
वरना रूहानी इश्क़ से तो कनीज भी मेहबूब हो जाती है।

~ तिशा (BrainyEssays)

English translation : If you are in love with the soul, the face will seem beautiful as it is. (Any better poetic English translation is appreciated)

P. S. Do visit the original site of the Realist for more of such lovely quotes…!

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3.2.1 Quote me ! Knowledge !

Hello everyone!! 🙋

I have been nominated for the 3.2.1 Quote me. challenge by a wonderful blogger Bobby of the Bitter marshmallows. Thank you so much Bobby for the nomination. ☺☺

Check out his blog for some amazing stuff !!

Well here are the Rules :

  1. Thank the Selector.
  2. Post 2 quotes for the ‘Topic of the Day’
  3. Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’

So here are my quotes on the topic :

Knowledge is not how much you know but how well you can apply it when needed…!!

The dialogue from 3 Idiots:

Khud ko kamyab banane k liye mat bhaago, khud ko kaabil banane k liye bhaago!!
Translation: Don’t run after success, run after knowledge….success will automatically knock at your door!!!!

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My nominees:

I leave this challenge open to anyone who wishes to participate.

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Social virtualism!!!

She had 1968 followers on Twitter!!

She had 1076 friends on Facebook!!!

And…she had 879 WhatsApp contacts!!!

But only one waited outside the ICU that day……..

The one she had unfriended and blocked on social media……..!!!

P.S: I had read this on one of the blogs here and this really touched my heart…. The simple post conveys such a deep message!!!! I wanted to reblog this but I’m terribly sorry because even after going through many blogs here, I couldn’t find the author and didn’t come across this post again! I might have missed it but if anyone can direct me to the original post or the author’s blog, I would be very grateful!

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Lyrics Challenge – 3 days Quotes Challenge – Day 3

Big thanks to A.J. of Tokens of Expression for nominating me for this challenge. Thanks for the recognition I really enjoyed this challenge ❤ check out her blog here


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post one quote (song lyric) each day for three days.
  3. Nominate three people.

When you ask me to post a song lyric, its obviously much more than just a quote and honestly, there are so many beautiful songs with such heart warming and meaningful lyrics that its almost next to impossible to choose just one….

But I am sharing with all of you here, one of my personal favourite song lyrics.

Give me some sunshine,

Give me some rain,

Give me another chance,

I wanna grow up once again………..

Bachpan to gaya,

Jawani bhi gayi,

Ek pal to ab hame,

Jeene do, jeene do…..

Saari umra hum,

Mar mar k jee liye,

Ek pal to ab hume,

Jeene do, jeene do….!!!!!

Translation of the second paragraph:

My childhood days are over,

My youth has gone away,

Let me have peace for a moment at least,

Let me LIVE my life now…

All my life, through all my ages,

I have Survived and not Lived,

Now give me a moment to rest and enjoy,

Let me really LIVE my life now…..!!!!

This song is from the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots.

Its a wonderful movie and conveys a deep message through it’s songs’ lyrics…. It beckons the students not to run after marks but to run after knowledge. Life is not about mugging up answers and securing high grades in exams, it’s not about materialistic success, its about your quest for knowledge, your understanding of practical things, your contribution towards society and most importantly, life is about LIVING it, about enjoying it to the fullest and about doing things which give you happiness and satisfaction!!!

In this song, it is said that all our life we are working tirelessly, running in a race to clear competitions. From our childhood we are taught to strive for good marks, then admission in a good university / college, then strive for a good job (with high salary) better future, status in society, name, fame, money and what not!!!!!!! The list goes on and we keep striving till our last breath….

But, the minute we die, nothing remains!! What is left is our memories, our good name, and the happiness and satisfaction we achieve while LIVING life…!!! 🙂 Hence, we are asked to take out time for ourselves, to rest, to enjoy and to LIVE!!!! 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

My nominees:

  • Pia Majumdar of Finally Unchained
  • Abhi
  • Jhavinder of Fun And Factz 4 U
  • Pavan Athreyas

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A Good News to Share!!

Hello everyone!! Hope you are doing well 🙂

I have something to share with you all. I had mentioned this in one of my award posts and here I’ll elaborate on this..!!!

I had recently written the IOEL exam and I had mentioned that I had bagged the gold medal, but there’s another surprise….guess what?? My board results were out, and that very evening the press reporters and journalists visited my house……!!!!

And I featured in a T.V. interview!!! There was a bright smile on my parents’ face when they saw my picture (along with theirs) in the morning newspapers and my interview on the news channel (though State news and not the National news channel!!).

I am so, so happy!! I can’t express it. Not because of my results but because of the fact that I could match my parents’ expectations, I could fulfill their wish and could be the reason behind that BIG smile on their face!!

When our relatives, friends and my parents’ colleagues and acquaintances congratulated us, I could see tears in my father’s eyes (my mother was already in tears)…… Later my father advised me to take this as an inspiration for future challenges, forthcoming successes but to always remember my roots. He asked me to celebrate my success but not to ignore my duties, to fly high in the sky but to keep my feet firmly fixed on the ground like the roots of a tall tree that support its whole existence…


BTW let us go into flashback!

The first time I had written the IOEL (International Olympiad of English Language) was in 2014. Here’s the result:

  • School rank : 1st
  • State rank : 1st
  • International rank : 154

Gosh!!! Even I couldn’t believe it when I saw the result. Thanks to my parents, and all my teachers for their support, encouragement and motivation. 🙂

And yes, thanks to WordPress for improving my vocabulary, my writing skills and my knowledge about this language 🙂

Thanks to all my readers and fellow bloggers for your valuable comments and feedback 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂

Lyrics Style- Three Days Quote Challenge- Day 1

Big thanks to A.J. of Tokens of Expression for nominating me for this challenge. Thanks for the recognition I really enjoyed this challenge ❤ check out her blog here


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post one quote (song lyric) each day for three days.
  3. Nominate three people.

When you ask me to post a song lyric, its obviously much more than just a quote and honestly, there are so many beautiful songs with such heart warming and meaningful lyrics that its almost next to impossible to choose just one….

But I am sharing with all of you here, one of my personal favourite song lyrics.

Its kind of a prayer song from the Bollywood movie Dhoom 3. Its about faith in the Almighty, hope and confidence.

There’s another memory attached to this song which makes the lyrics special.

I had participated in a group singing competition along with my friends in school (in 2015, I guess) We had practised a song but a day before the competition, unfortunately, our lead singer caught a severe cold and couldn’t sing…!!!! We’re tensed and didn’t know what to do!!! My friends suggested that I should take the lead but I wasn’t prepared. We had lost all hope when suddenly, I heard this song on the television on a music channel.

It gave us hope and finally, we changed the plan and chose this song, practised all night and presented it the next day. Here’s the audio recording of our performance, do listen to it!!

And yes, here’s the lyrics which gave us hope:

Bande hai hum uske,

Hum pe kiska jor,

Umeedo k suraj,

Nikale Charo aur,

Iraade hai fauladi,

Himmati har kadam,

Apne hathon kismat likhne,

Aaj chale hai hum….

Its said that reading a poem in translation is like kissing a girl through the veil. But still here’s the English translation of the lyrics for those who don’t understand Hindi:

We are the creations of the Almighty,

No one can hurt us (because he is watching us from above)

There is the sunshine of hope,

Spread in every direction,

We are determined and our intentions are strong,

Our steps are courageous,

We are ready today and we are heading towards,

Writing our destiny with our own hands…

We secured the Runners Up prize but for us, it was no less than the winner’s trophy because it was not just one night’s practice but it was the enthusiasm and hope in all our hearts which gave fire to our performance! 🙂

At last I would conclude saying that “Never lose hope”. 🙂

Thanks for reading!!

My nominees:

  1. A Man Deep
  2. Vishal Dutia
  3. Niraj of The Lost Heart!

Have a nice day. 🙂

World Peace And Harmony

This poem has a universal approach, though it’s based on the Indian atmosphere. The message is for every human being who is indeed being human!!! The only need of the hour to save the world, is peace, love, unity, sympathy and charity….

I would also like to thank Patrick for coming up with the peace love award, which is a great initiative in this direction. I had been trying since many days to post something regarding this and today finally, I got those words for writing this poem! I hope it proves efficient enough to convey the message and powerful enough to stir your mind…..

Peace is glory, peace is dignity,

Peace is love and peace is amity.

Birds fly free and high,

Soaring up in the blue sky,

Flowers bloom when spring arrives,

Sun-God’s chariot bright beauty drives,

Dew drops snuggle and nestle on leaves,

As bees buzz excitedly around, with ease.

Why aren’t we as happy as them?

So free, so elated, with no burden….

Take the morning newspaper in your hand…

What do you find?

Destruction is rife all over land,

As if peace and harmony are banned….!!

Incessant flashes of terror and violence,

Brutally murder solitude and silence….

In the land that belongs to Buddha and Mahavira,

The land of Lord Ram and, Rahim Fakira,

The land of Nanak, of Kabeer and of Gandhi,

Who was known for his nonviolent struggle in Dandi

This very land rings out with a heart wrenching wail,

Of wives, mothers, daughters helpless,

At the hands of fate wielding the flail…..

My eyes look out for those beasts,

Who explode bombs in trains, buses and streets,

Who fire bullets at hospitals and schools, at commoners so simple,

Who don’t even spare the churches, mosques and temples!!

My red blood boils on seeing my cities red,

Red with the blood of my own people…

In every corner of the world, in every language known,

Lets speak the word of peace in each and every zone.

Raise your voices until we drown,

The noise of ugly hatred and war.

Raise your voices until the sound of peace,

To a loud and thunderous roar does increase.

When I woke up in the morning,

To a bright yet gentle breeze,

I saw the trees and flowers swaying with ease.

I was sure that PEACE the world would grace,

And as the wind brushed gently over my face.

I could see a new ray of hope in the following days….

There is still time to remove the blindfolds,

There is still time to understand, that hope still holds,

There is still time to wash away hatred’s stains,

There is still time: Change the climate and reap the gains!!!

We have to spread the word of peace in order to ascertain a bright future, where there is no blood shed, no wars, no hatred, no cries, no suffering…..only love, peace and harmony.

Thanks 🙂

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12 things that make me different challenge!!

Thanks to Aeshi Jain of Tokens of Expression for nominating me for this challenge.# 12 Things that make me different. Her blog is wonderful. Do visit it for some amazing work!! Here’s the link

Its goal is to embrace the qualities that make us unique. Self love is really important, so is self-appreciation. Sometimes you can surprise yourself when you sit down to make such a list!

Be it weird or funny or serious, just anything as long as you’re not ashamed to put it out there.

Here’s all that you have to do:-

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 10.39.48 PM.png

  1. Mention if you were nominated by someone or decided to take up the challenge on your own. If nominated provide a link to the blog which nominated you.
  2. Write your own list of twelve things that make you different and proud (and odd maybe?!!)
  3. On your post, put a link to the original post here. This is where the challenge starts from
  4. Use the hash tag #12ThingsThatMakeMeDifferent
  5. Be sure to write these five rules on your post. Including the note.

Note: Nominations are completely optional. If you want to nominate anyone specifically, feel free to tag them and inform them. The purpose is to spread the message. I really, really do encourage nominations, thats surely a better way to promote and let people know. If you choose to nominate, please tag at least three. But keeping in mind the discomfort many bloggers have about the same, there’s no pressure 🙂

(Please don’t wait to be nominated if the idea appeals to you. There’s no judging, just post your link in this post’s comments so that I can read yours)

So, wanna know 12 things about me?? Here they are:

  1. I hate cheaters. If someone insults me, teases me or even ill-treats me, I may forgive them, but if someone breaks my trust, I don’t know what I might do…!!!
  2. I don’t like quarrelling. When my friends are angry, I sometimes apologize even if its not my mistake. Just end the quarrel, sort out things, yaar!!!!
  3. I love singing and acting.
  4. I am a bit over sensitive… I am easily hurt and could end up crying at night over a petty issue.
  5. I think a lot!!
  6. I am an emotional fool! I remember giving away all my pocket money to a stranger who said he needed help for his child’s operation…..
  7. Before going to bed at night, I spend almost 10 minutes praying, telling God everything I have done that day, my wishes, my regrets, confessing everything in front of Him and seeking forgiveness.
  8. I talk to myself sometimes, especially when I am depressed or frustrated.
  9. I am a perfectionist! I want my work to be perfect and put in all my efforts for the same!!
  10. I like hanging out with friends but till date I have never done that. I call them, chat with them but I don’t attend late night parties, neither do I go to the disco or pubs.
  11. I am a talkative girl and I like surprises. I was a studious girl at school and was not into bunking classes, but I did bunk some classes with the permission of the teacher concerned!!! “Sir, actually I need to make arrangements for this function.” “Ma’am, actually I need to practise for tomorrow’s competition. I’ve studied this chapter and I’ll manage the notes. May I please go??” “Sir actually, I need to prepare my speech for tomorrow. May I go to the library? May I take him/her? No, actually I need help.. 😛” Got it how I skipped classes, but this isn’t bunking!! Though on the pretext of preparations, we sometimes spent the period hanging around with friends, having fun and loitering around the school campus!! 😛 But actually, the main reason was that our teachers were so supportive and so friendly. They trusted me and they knew that I wouldn’t compromise with my studies. Plus, they believed that students ought to enjoy sometimes. If some teacher by chance, saw us, we’d always manage the situation. Even the teacher would join us sometimes and none of them ever complained!! 😀 They were more of friends!! I just love them! Miss u teachers 🙂 Check my post “3 days 3 quotes, Day- 1” for more elaboration on this topic. But I just hope my Principal doesn’t come across this post!! 😛 😀
  12. I like appreciation and praises but I don’t appreciate excessive flirting! I’ll elaborate on this in one of my posts.

So these are some random facts about me. Thanks for reading!

My belief is be proud of your uniqueness. I may improve my weaknesses, correct my faults but I am not going to change for anyone. Accept me as I am, if you can or you are free to go away!!! 😀

Have a nice day 🙂

Its Your Life : Make It Large..

Friends, always focus on your aim,

Only that will lead to your fame

Try to build your own path,

But always listen to your heart.

Look around, this world is full of talents,

Pick wisely from those that you can balance.

Think and ponder on what you should choose,

Heed not the things that you have to lose.

It doesn’t matter what you pick,

Always remember, passion is the trick!

There’s no place in life for anything negative,

Your attitude dear friend, should always be positive.

You’ve got to work hard, day and night,

In order to make your future bright.

Results may not be in your hand,

Keep trying, and your life will be grand.

Don’t just dream when its time to wake up,

In life, you must never give up.

Discover, develop and fulfil your aim,

And then stand tall, taking pride in your name.

So now dear friends, what is your ambition?

What is it that attracts your attention?

Take a deep breath so your spirits recharge,

It’s your life, so make it Large…

Thanks 🙂