Shattered dreams!!

Fancy cars speeding in every direction,

How the rich kids make an impression!

Extravagance and enjoyment are their rights,

There are no resentments and no fights.

But look at those children so different, I pray,

Those whose childhood has been snatched away…

See their tender hands loading coals on the truck,

Hands that are thin and covered in muck.

Their black grimy faces where their hopes are dying,

Their sunken eyes show they’re tired of crying.

Their cuts and bruises are far from healing,

Their senses are numb; they have no feeling.

Those hands that are meant for study and play

Should they be working and labouring all day?

Loved and protected, filled with laughter wild,

Should this not be the profile of a child?

They gaze longingly at the children’s park,

And pray that God should end their dark.

And pull them out from those mires of griefs,

For those circumstances are their childhood’s thieves!!

As I get up to walk back alone,

My pain is deep, it makes me groan…

Tears fill my eyes, my conscience screams,

To see those rough hands and shattered dreams…..

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Years after years have passed,

Many people have come and gone,

But very few intimate friends are there,

Friends, who genuinely care…

True friends walk hand in hand,

No worry for times being good or bad

They support each other though their ways may part,

True friends can fill happiness in our hearts.

In their absence these ‘idiots’ have made us cry.

Winning friends is an art,as anyone can try,

For friends, hearts conceal varied thoughts & doubts,

But friendship never dies, in afterlife it sprouts…..

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“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light…”

A true friend is one who steals and eats your tiffin, but cannot see you hungry. He is one who may put you in trouble but never leaves you alone. He is one who not only praises you but also chides you when you are wrong.

“A true friend is like a mirror: always tells you the truth, and like a shadow: never leaves you alone….. “


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It has struggles,

It has smiles.

It has calmness,

And joyous rides.

It has broken steps,

And long strides.

It has shattered feelings,

In humorous disguise.

Inspiration everywhere,

And opportunities a wide.

Some long awaited greetings,

And some unexpected good-byes.

It has emotions, expressed,

And some feelings that need to hide.

Many a glorious beginning,

And endings intensified.

Do you wonder what ‘It’ does mean?

By now you must’ve become so keen,

It’ is nothing but life’s vivid journey,

A journey with countless mysteries unseen…

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The first date

We never planned one…
Never thought of the fun…
Science practicals never spared us
But destiny had paired us!
I couldn’t stay out late, parental worry
That’s why every time I had to hurry…
Yet we managed to steal opportunities
Time for us, far from responsibilities
We’d roam the streets and play around,
Eat a lot and sing aloud
But on an official “date” we never went
Though we talked bout it, we never meant…

But remember that day..?
When fate took its way…!
After school, when we were wandering on the roads,
Talking randomly as we crossed the signboards…
When I blurted, “Nobody’s home tonight”
Then your sly smile caught my sight…
The idea was mine, to go on a pizza date
But my parents would call… And I couldn’t afford to be late…
How excited we were, we thought a lot
Couldn’t lose this golden chance we got
I had a tuition, till nine,
Then we had planned to go to dine,
But the problem was, I had to be home in half an hour
And the driver waited outside the tower.
So, after lots of thinking over yes and no
To my house, we decided to go.

But what if the guard saw us?
It’d be a troublesome fuss…!
What if someone watched us enter?
There’d be unnecessary chaotic banter!
We were scared yet wanted to try…
Didn’t matter if we had to lie…
There was risk, but what if it was done?
We’d be together… That would be fun!

Finally we chalked out the plan,
Trying to play it as safe as one can…
You were to get the pizza and wait for me
Then we’d enter, as secretive as it could be…
Yea.. Our first date..!!!!
(And as usual, you weren’t late)
Excited we were… But nervous too..
Creeping into the apartment, tiptoeing in our shoes…
Before going upstairs, I took a peep,
Lo and behold! The guard was asleep!

The road was clear, we opened the door,
And crept stealthily onto the tiled floor
Domino’s witnessed it.. And so did the moon…
Having you in my life, is really a boon..!!!
The dark favoured our plan,
To do what we can..!!
Really I can’t believe it
That we did it!!
Like a movie with adventurous plot..
Filled with romance, oh so hot..!!!
We enjoyed a lot, food and dance,
After all this was a long sought chance..!!!!
But the most memorable moment..
Maybe you guessed it now,
A turn of events.. Or call it fate..
We came so close somehow…!!!!
Yea.. I was in your arms..
Your lips were on mine..
Yea it was special..
Cause it was the very first time..!!!!

Again at 2, when all were asleep,
It was time to bid goodbye and say
Didn’t want you to go, but had to
With the hope of meeting again, another day!
You went out as I watched from the window
As you disappeared round the corner of the street…
I consoled myself with the hope
That we’d again meet!

The moment with you was so divine,
And the plan behind it was so fine!!
A memory to cherish forever,
Which was achieved after such endeavour.
There was something pious..
Something true and fair..
Just like the Love
That we share..!!!!!

Alfaaz – Love

In collaboration with The realist

इश्क़ रूह से हो ,
तो सूरत खुद-ब-खुद खूब हो जाती है।।

~ दी रियलिस्ट

सूरत और शौकत तो दिखावे है जनाब,
वरना रूहानी इश्क़ से तो कनीज भी मेहबूब हो जाती है।

~ तिशा (BrainyEssays)

English translation : If you are in love with the soul, the face will seem beautiful as it is. (Any better poetic English translation is appreciated)

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The perfect guy…!! ♥️

She was anxious, her heart rapidly pacing…

The day was here… when her future partner, she’d be facing…

Her father, wealthy and reputed,

Whose word was respected, never disputed…

Was looking for the perfect guy,

For his beloved daughter, the apple of his eye…

A contest was held to choose,

The perfect guy; he won’t afford to lose…

Her father had dreams… and demands,

He wanted a guy, who’d obey his commands,

Who’d love his daughter the way he did,

And bring her everything she’d need…

Who’d give her all the world’s joys,

But did he care to hear his daughter’s voice….?

He wanted a wealthy, reputed, virtuous and handsome, son in law,

A puppet to his commands, a robot basically, who’d never get tired…

But her wish was different… A soul mate, a friend, a true lover;

Someone who’d stand by her and care for her… Was all she desired….

But an obedient daughter, as she always was,

Chose to abide by her father’s laws….

The day arrived, the contest was held…

This was the last chance, upon her it dwelled…

From every direction, people had come,

Some to try their luck, some just to join the humdrum….

There were doctors, lawyers, princes and youth wise,

Who had come with sweets, gifts and chariots of every size.

Some were concerned about looks, some ’bout riches,

Some were enchanted by her beauty, and sent her flying kisses

She, on the other hand, was tired and dizzy,

The crowd that had assembled, made her uneasy…

She lastly decided to leave everything on fate…

Cause now, maybe it was too late…

The contest began, candidates were full of zeal,

Their passion, everyone could feel…

Horse riding, sword-fighting, archery and chess,

The contestants had to face challenges no less,

They even had to sing, dance, entertain and cook,

And give answers to questions (picked randomly from any book)

They had to give an account of their earnings, achievements and fame,

And had to belong to a good family with a reputed name…

The one who passed all these tests,

Would be marrying her among all the guests!

Her father was the judge,

In front of whom, no one dared to budge,

Yet they fought bravely and used their mind,

They put in all their efforts, cause their lady love, they wanted to find….

Finally, the results were announced; among four, it was a tie….

How could this be? There’s only one bride….Oh my!!

The father was confused, his wisdom fell short; if he didn’t find a groom today, it’d be an insult…!!

He didn’t know what to do… Finally, his daughter, he decided to consult…

She climbed down the stairs, to the hall where all had assembled,

Her long gown hid her limbs, which trembled…

She was graceful and pretty,

But her condition now, was a pity…

But her father trusted her, he knew she was wise,

And she proved her mettle, separating truth from lies!!

“The one who’d give the most satisfying answer, would be my groom…” she said,

And she put forward the question, as she bowed her head…

She made them swear on the sacred book,

“Be honest…!” she gave them a warning look!

“Why do you want to marry me?”

The most simple question as it could be…

One said, “I’m the Nawab….and you the most beautiful girl in the city…”

“If I can’t have you, it’d be a pity!”

“Your father posed a challenge, our courage he questioned,” said another,

“It was to prove my ability, to maintain my dignity or else I wouldn’t even bother!”

The third screamed, “Who wouldn’t want to be his heir?”

“In his riches, to have a share…”

The fourth stood silent, with a sly smile…

He finally replied after waiting for a while…

“I wouldn’t dare to say this, but cause I have sworn…

Lemme tell you what makes me yearn!

The day I first saw you… It was ten years ago…when I was a child and so were you,

You stole my soul , my peace, my heart too….

I am here not ’cause I want you…

But only, because I love you…”

She blushed a bit, but knew her father wasn’t satisfied…

He didn’t understand his feelings intensified…

So she asked the next question,

“Tell me what you can promise me… The things you can give me, all you can mention….!”

The first said, “I promise you all the luxuries and riches in the world,

Be it jewels or gems, or my secret treasures unfurled…

I promise to never let you cry,

To give you all pleasures, I’d try…”

Now came the second, “I promise to protect you… None would even look at you without my permission,

I promise to give you the fame and the credit of all my successful missions!”

Now jumped the third, “I promise to be your loyal villein, a servant to your commands,

And you’d be my mistress, I’ll put in all my efforts to fulfil your demands…”

Now she turned towards the fourth with hope in her eyes,

“I’m sorry, madam, but I can’t afford to tell lies…

I can’t make such great promises to you, but all I can say,

Is that I’ll love you till the end of the day!

I can’t promise you eternal pleasure and joy,

But I promise to be with you in your sorrows…” said the boy.

“I can’t give you all riches, chariots, gems and a horse,

But I promise, all that I have, will also be yours…

I won’t say that I won’t let you cry, I might not be able to shoo off your fears,

But you’ll always have me by your side, right there to wipe your tears…

I would not always protect you, but trust me,

I’d make you strong enough that self dependent you’d be!

I won’t compromise with your freedom, but I won’t give you my credit…” the words he hurled,

“I’d help you to make your own place in this world!!

I’m sorry, I won’t be able to follow you blindly,

But let me walk together with you, kindly…

I’d give due respect to your opinion and view,

But I expect exactly the same from you,

You have an existence, your own thoughts, your individuality, and so do I,

Our standards may be different, but I consider you an equal, and this isn’t a lie…

I am ready to share with you and care for you,

I’m ready to laugh with you, suffer with you, enjoy with you and cry with you,

Its true that I want to live a happy life with you,

But I’m not afraid to even die with you…!!

Thats all I can promise, but trust me, my words are true,

As pure as my love for you!!”

That was all she wanted to hear,

Now she had overcome all her fear;

She had tears in her eyes,

And her father….. He was proud of his daughter so wise!

As you all must have guessed, she chose him as her future husband,

And he turned out to be a charming groom, proud to be triumphant!

Her father hugged his loving son in law, and his beloved daughter, shy,

Whose joy knew no bounds, cause she knew… Yes, he was the perfect guy!!

This was the reward of all their unending endeavour,

Yeah she knew, she’d be happy forever!!



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The Mysterious Maiden

In that old, dilapidated room,

Beside the shabby, worn out broom,

There sat a pretty, young girl

As if her mind was in a whirl.

Her face was white and Oh so pale,

In a fearful voice, she narrated her tale.

I stared at her, from head to toe,

As I listened to her moving tale of woe.

Her hair was twisted and in a mess,

An old brown shawl hid her tattered dress.

She was bleeding and sobbing silently in pain,

I perceived her cries were not all in vain..

“I sacrificed my happiness, for the sake of my children,

In return, I’ve received their painful burden.

They’ve plundered me, never did I protest,

They gave me the worst, I showered on them my best.

I provided them with shelter and food to eat,

And worse than slaves myself they did treat!

I protected them from storms so strong,

And now, I’m blamed for every wrong!

I gave them the joy of my beautiful creations,

But they were determined to destroy nations.

My love for them never grew any less,

Still, I ended up in such a mess….”

She could no longer bear her sons’ hate,

And there she was, crying at her fate.

It was indeed very late at night,

And her eyes were moist with sorrow and fright.

What she said next, was precise and clear,

It made me shudder and shiver with fear;

“I won’t take this hatred any more,

If my children don’t change, they’ll perish for sure.

If my warning, they do not heed,

A monstrous future, upon them will feed.”

There was one question that puzzled my mind,

Its answer, I was determined to find;

So I asked her, as she dried her eyes,

“Who are you, O lady wise?”

Wiping her tears she waited for a while,

And then replied with a hesitant smile,

“I am the mother of every creature,

Yes, I am…… Mother Nature!”

My friends, indeed you have guessed it right,

It was a dream, so deep and bright.

But the message conveyed is not for fun,

Heed it….so that our future’s a bright one.

Thanks 🙂



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