Shattered dreams!!

Fancy cars speeding in every direction,

How the rich kids make an impression!

Extravagance and enjoyment are their rights,

There are no resentments and no fights.

But look at those children so different, I pray,

Those whose childhood has been snatched away…

See their tender hands loading coals on the truck,

Hands that are thin and covered in muck.

Their black grimy faces where their hopes are dying,

Their sunken eyes show they’re tired of crying.

Their cuts and bruises are far from healing,

Their senses are numb; they have no feeling.

Those hands that are meant for study and play

Should they be working and labouring all day?

Loved and protected, filled with laughter wild,

Should this not be the profile of a child?

They gaze longingly at the children’s park,

And pray that God should end their dark.

And pull them out from those mires of griefs,

For those circumstances are their childhood’s thieves!!

As I get up to walk back alone,

My pain is deep, it makes me groan…

Tears fill my eyes, my conscience screams,

To see those rough hands and shattered dreams…..

Thanks πŸ™‚



Social virtualism!!!

She had 1968 followers on Twitter!!

She had 1076 friends on Facebook!!!

And…she had 879 WhatsApp contacts!!!

But only one waited outside the ICU that day……..

The one she had unfriended and blocked on social media……..!!!

P.S: I had read this on one of the blogs here and this really touched my heart…. The simple post conveys such a deep message!!!! I wanted to reblog this but I’m terribly sorry because even after going through many blogs here, I couldn’t find the author and didn’t come across this post again! I might have missed it but if anyone can direct me to the original post or the author’s blog, I would be very grateful!

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World Peace And Harmony

This poem has a universal approach, though it’s based on the Indian atmosphere. The message is for every human being who is indeed being human!!! The only need of the hour to save the world, is peace, love, unity, sympathy and charity….

I would also like to thank Patrick for coming up with the peace love award, which is a great initiative in this direction. I had been trying since many days to post something regarding this and today finally, I got those words for writing this poem! I hope it proves efficient enough to convey the message and powerful enough to stir your mind…..

Peace is glory, peace is dignity,

Peace is love and peace is amity.

Birds fly free and high,

Soaring up in the blue sky,

Flowers bloom when spring arrives,

Sun-God’s chariot bright beauty drives,

Dew drops snuggle and nestle on leaves,

As bees buzz excitedly around, with ease.

Why aren’t we as happy as them?

So free, so elated, with no burden….

Take the morning newspaper in your hand…

What do you find?

Destruction is rife all over land,

As if peace and harmony are banned….!!

Incessant flashes of terror and violence,

Brutally murder solitude and silence….

In the land that belongs to Buddha and Mahavira,

The land of Lord Ram and, Rahim Fakira,

The land of Nanak, of Kabeer and of Gandhi,

Who was known for his nonviolent struggle in Dandi

This very land rings out with a heart wrenching wail,

Of wives, mothers, daughters helpless,

At the hands of fate wielding the flail…..

My eyes look out for those beasts,

Who explode bombs in trains, buses and streets,

Who fire bullets at hospitals and schools, at commoners so simple,

Who don’t even spare the churches, mosques and temples!!

My red blood boils on seeing my cities red,

Red with the blood of my own people…

In every corner of the world, in every language known,

Lets speak the word of peace in each and every zone.

Raise your voices until we drown,

The noise of ugly hatred and war.

Raise your voices until the sound of peace,

To a loud and thunderous roar does increase.

When I woke up in the morning,

To a bright yet gentle breeze,

I saw the trees and flowers swaying with ease.

I was sure that PEACE the world would grace,

And as the wind brushed gently over my face.

I could see a new ray of hope in the following days….

There is still time to remove the blindfolds,

There is still time to understand, that hope still holds,

There is still time to wash away hatred’s stains,

There is still time: Change the climate and reap the gains!!!

We have to spread the word of peace in order to ascertain a bright future, where there is no blood shed, no wars, no hatred, no cries, no suffering…..only love, peace and harmony.

Thanks πŸ™‚

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I Wonder

How many will die, before we realize,

That their starvation is nothing but our mistake?

There are people who can’t get a morsel of bread,

And we are greedy for honey and cake!

Is it their fault that they are poor?

Are they not poor for our greed’s sake?

The selfish desire to earn more and more

Causes the wealthy to hoard and store.

Why don’t they bring their wisdom to the fore?

Is money the only thing to which they pay heed,

So much that the poor continue to bleed?

Do they have feelings or any thinking capacity?

Are those in poverty, not a part of humanity?

I do wonder, aren’t we all poor too?

Suffering from a poverty of compassion that is due!!

Desiring our own happiness without a change,

Its about time to wake up to the need,

Of the lot of those, low in the poverty range.

Let’s stop obeying and giving in to greed,

Or the shame of poverty shall never change…..

That’s why I wonder again and again,

Which one is the cause of all our pain,

Poverty of wealth and paper money,

Or poverty of compassion and sensitivity?

Surely its the poverty in our thoughts,

And that immediately needs to come to a halt

So then we’ll know who’s really poor,

And who really is to blame, or at fault??


Thanks πŸ™‚

Am I blind?

My paintings – my childhood memories πŸ™‚

I look up at the sky, the sun shining so bright,

Spreading warmth and happiness with its glowing light,

I watch the waves crash and break on the shore,

All it’s anger dissipated on the ocean’s floor,

And I wonder – why am I blind?

Why am I blind to these beautiful sights?

Don’t I see the world’s oceans will rise?

And then the land will collapse……

Right in front of my eyes?

Why don’t I see the smoke so dark?

The sunlight blocked, and the scene so stark?

Yet, when I look up at the trees,

I see the leaves swaying with ease,

I hear the birds sweetly singing,

A million notes, sweetly chirping.

I then sit holding my knees to my chest,

Watching and hearing Nature at its best.

I wonder how nature could get it so right,

And we just let it go out of sight!!

Thanks πŸ™‚