In that old, dilapidated room,

Beside the shabby, worn out broom,

There sat a pretty, young girl

As if her mind was in a whirl.

Her face was white and Oh so pale,

In a fearful voice, she narrated her tale.

I stared at her, from head to toe,

As I listened to her moving tale of woe.

Her hair was twisted and in a mess,

An old brown shawl hid her tattered dress.

She was bleeding and sobbing silently in pain,

I perceived her cries were not all in vain..

“I sacrificed my happiness, for the sake of my children,

In return, I’ve received their painful burden.

They’ve plundered me, never did I protest,

They gave me the worst, I showered on them my best.

I provided them with shelter and food to eat,

And worse than slaves myself they did treat!

I protected them from storms so strong,

And now, I’m blamed for every wrong!

I gave them the joy of my beautiful creations,

But they were determined to destroy nations.

My love for them never grew any less,

Still, I ended up in such a mess….”

She could no longer bear her sons’ hate,

And there she was, crying at her fate.

It was indeed very late at night,

And her eyes were moist with sorrow and fright.

What she said next, was precise and clear,

It made me shudder and shiver with fear;

“I won’t take this hatred any more,

If my children don’t change, they’ll perish for sure.

If my warning, they do not heed,

A monstrous future, upon them will feed.”

There was one question that puzzled my mind,

Its answer, I was determined to find;

So I asked her, as she dried her eyes,

“Who are you, O lady wise?”

Wiping her tears she waited for a while,

And then replied with a hesitant smile,

“I am the mother of every creature,

Yes, I am…… Mother Nature!”

My friends, indeed you have guessed it right,

It was a dream, so deep and bright.

But the message conveyed is not for fun,

Heed it….so that our future’s a bright one.



©Tisha and The Brainy Essays (2020)

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

All Rights Reserved.

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