Bits of paper

Yes, I did write pages, Adorned with words Flowing from the heart. Random scribblings To poetic phrases, All penned down, In a hope That you would read it someday. Pages with innumerable memories, And uncountable stories, Drenched in emotions, Dripping fantasies. Pages soaked In tears, and caressed with those trembling hands, Absorbing their warmth And … Continue reading Bits of paper

The dried rose

It tells a story of its own, It's an open book With some pages torn... The soft petals, echo a tale, Of promises as frail, As a silken thread. Like the yellow leaves that have shed, From the mighty old trunk, Standing tall and strong, Supporting those nests that blossom, Embracing them tight, in its … Continue reading The dried rose

Alfaaz – Love

In collaboration with The realist... इश्क़ रूह से हो , तो सूरत खुद-ब-खुद खूब हो जाती है।। ~ दी रियलिस्ट सूरत और शौकत तो दिखावे है जनाब, वरना रूहानी इश्क़ से तो कनीज भी मेहबूब हो जाती है। ~ तिशा (BrainyEssays) English translation : If you are in love with the soul, the face will … Continue reading Alfaaz – Love