Shattered dreams!!

Fancy cars speeding in every direction,

How the rich kids make an impression!

Extravagance and enjoyment are their rights,

There are no resentments and no fights.

But look at those children so different, I pray,

Those whose childhood has been snatched away…

See their tender hands loading coals on the truck,

Hands that are thin and covered in muck.

Their black grimy faces where their hopes are dying,

Their sunken eyes show they’re tired of crying.

Their cuts and bruises are far from healing,

Their senses are numb; they have no feeling.

Those hands that are meant for study and play

Should they be working and labouring all day?

Loved and protected, filled with laughter wild,

Should this not be the profile of a child?

They gaze longingly at the children’s park,

And pray that God should end their dark.

And pull them out from those mires of griefs,

For those circumstances are their childhood’s thieves!!

As I get up to walk back alone,

My pain is deep, it makes me groan…

Tears fill my eyes, my conscience screams,

To see those rough hands and shattered dreams…..

Thanks 🙂



My Concerns

My paintings – my old memories…

I am concerned about the old, feeble women,

Sitting near the street,

And selling their goods and wares,

Their faces wilting under the harsh sun’s heat!

What need? What need? To bargain and haggle

With those, who have barely enough to eat?

I am concerned about the poor, hungry men,

Dealing with starvation and unemployment…

Isn’t he the one who should by us be helped?

My conscience pricks me! And that’s not funny!

They need not just a day’s rich feast,

But a means of earning their daily bread and money.

I am concerned about the young urchin and his buddies,

Deprived, exploited and kept away from schools!

Is it fair? We first prevent and deter their studies,

And then refer to them as ‘stupid fools’!

Isn’t it their right to get a good education?

‘Safeguard Every Child’s Rights’ — Aren’t those the rules?

I am concerned about our dear Mother Earth,

Whose soul is being ravaged every day.

Isn’t she the one who gave us a life after birth?

Does she deserve to be treated this way?

Stop deforestation, O stop the devastation!

Harmony with nature is the only way!

Yet I’m happy to see the sun shine bright,

It makes us all realize our fault,

That the exploitation and selfishness is never right,

And it’s got to be brought to a grinding halt.

If this seed of ‘Concern’ we all together sow,

Then the “Happiness” plant will nurture and grow!!

I Wonder

How many will die, before we realize,

That their starvation is nothing but our mistake?

There are people who can’t get a morsel of bread,

And we are greedy for honey and cake!

Is it their fault that they are poor?

Are they not poor for our greed’s sake?

The selfish desire to earn more and more

Causes the wealthy to hoard and store.

Why don’t they bring their wisdom to the fore?

Is money the only thing to which they pay heed,

So much that the poor continue to bleed?

Do they have feelings or any thinking capacity?

Are those in poverty, not a part of humanity?

I do wonder, aren’t we all poor too?

Suffering from a poverty of compassion that is due!!

Desiring our own happiness without a change,

Its about time to wake up to the need,

Of the lot of those, low in the poverty range.

Let’s stop obeying and giving in to greed,

Or the shame of poverty shall never change…..

That’s why I wonder again and again,

Which one is the cause of all our pain,

Poverty of wealth and paper money,

Or poverty of compassion and sensitivity?

Surely its the poverty in our thoughts,

And that immediately needs to come to a halt

So then we’ll know who’s really poor,

And who really is to blame, or at fault??


Thanks 🙂

True Happiness

Wealth, Luxury, Power! Away! Hence,

For me happiness in small things only makes sense;

Why harbor materialistic illusions,

And force our minds into worthless decisions?

Beware the pitfalls of endless demands,

As we become puppets of other’s commands.

Trapped by this, happiness is cut off with speed

And in its stead arises only lustful greed;

Do we not understand

That by taking a wrong stand

Jealousy will bloom and dissatisfaction will breed?

Yet, I feel lucky to hear happiness

In the carefree laughter of a child,

In his innocent chatter, sweet and mild.

I hear happiness when the birds dance and twitter,

And when the green leaves verdant, rustle and glitter.

I see happiness when buds bloom into flowers,

And when the parched earth is soothed

By the first heavenly showers.

I see happiness when through the bowers

Out peeps the golden orb, while I’m still yawning,

Impeccable and awesome in its timing,

It rises to wish us all good morning.

I feel happiness like no other

To get a reassuring look from my mother,

And my sadness is chased far away by my brother.

I feel the happiness of the hopes of our future,

That the world is ours, for us to nurture,

And with the help of our dreams at every juncture

We’ll rise to the occasion and make it richer!!!

Thank you 🙂