Company- good or bad?

We add flux to the gangue, to make slag and remove it. Gangue is the impurity. Flux is the suitable substance added to it, so that it combines with the gangue and forms a separable entity, called slag. This leaves us with the pure metal ore. Confused, as to what I am talking about? Chemistry … Continue reading Company- good or bad?


एक स्त्री जैसे... Translation : I find it very abusive to put pressure on men to provide us a life we ourselves aren't capable of achieving. Just like women aren't rehabilitation centres for badly raised men, men aren't poverty eradication plans for lazy women. Courtesy: @FavouredSinner Conclusion: Come out of these age-old gender-based prejudices. These … Continue reading Roles


मुश्किलों से डर कर रस्ते मत बदलना... Conclusion Problems are everywhere. Changing roads won't make the journey easier. That would just delay the time you reach your destination. Every road has its own challenges. What we need to do is to have faith and keep walking consistently on the very road which we are already … Continue reading Roads


सच बदलता नहीं है मुँह मोड़ लेने से... Conclusion Accept the truth as it is. Learn to face your problems boldly, instead of blaming your fate. What you earn depends on your deeds, not on your fate. Accept yourself as you are. Because, you are unique. ©Tisha and The Brainy Essays (2020). This work is … Continue reading Truth


कर्म ही हमारी असली पहचान है, वरना एक नाम के तो कई इंसान है | Conclusion: Your name doesn't define you, But your deeds do. Hence, don't chase popularity, it's worthless. Instead, do righteous and generous deeds, Because that's what you'll be remembered for. ©Tisha and The Brainy Essays (2020) This work is licensed under … Continue reading Identity