The Mysterious Maiden

In that old, dilapidated room,

Beside the shabby, worn out broom,

There sat a pretty, young girl

As if her mind was in a whirl.

Her face was white and Oh so pale,

In a fearful voice, she narrated her tale.

I stared at her, from head to toe,

As I listened to her moving tale of woe.

Her hair was twisted and in a mess,

An old brown shawl hid her tattered dress.

She was bleeding and sobbing silently in pain,

I perceived her cries were not all in vain..

“I sacrificed my happiness, for the sake of my children,

In return, I’ve received their painful burden.

They’ve plundered me, never did I protest,

They gave me the worst, I showered on them my best.

I provided them with shelter and food to eat,

And worse than slaves myself they did treat!

I protected them from storms so strong,

And now, I’m blamed for every wrong!

I gave them the joy of my beautiful creations,

But they were determined to destroy nations.

My love for them never grew any less,

Still, I ended up in such a mess….”

She could no longer bear her sons’ hate,

And there she was, crying at her fate.

It was indeed very late at night,

And her eyes were moist with sorrow and fright.

What she said next, was precise and clear,

It made me shudder and shiver with fear;

“I won’t take this hatred any more,

If my children don’t change, they’ll perish for sure.

If my warning, they do not heed,

A monstrous future, upon them will feed.”

There was one question that puzzled my mind,

Its answer, I was determined to find;

So I asked her, as she dried her eyes,

“Who are you, O lady wise?”

Wiping her tears she waited for a while,

And then replied with a hesitant smile,

“I am the mother of every creature,

Yes, I am…… Mother Nature!”

My friends, indeed you have guessed it right,

It was a dream, so deep and bright.

But the message conveyed is not for fun,

Heed it….so that our future’s a bright one.

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Social virtualism!!!

She had 1968 followers on Twitter!!

She had 1076 friends on Facebook!!!

And…she had 879 WhatsApp contacts!!!

But only one waited outside the ICU that day……..

The one she had unfriended and blocked on social media……..!!!

P.S: I had read this on one of the blogs here and this really touched my heart…. The simple post conveys such a deep message!!!! I wanted to reblog this but I’m terribly sorry because even after going through many blogs here, I couldn’t find the author and didn’t come across this post again! I might have missed it but if anyone can direct me to the original post or the author’s blog, I would be very grateful!

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My Concerns

My paintings – my old memories…

I am concerned about the old, feeble women,

Sitting near the street,

And selling their goods and wares,

Their faces wilting under the harsh sun’s heat!

What need? What need? To bargain and haggle

With those, who have barely enough to eat?

I am concerned about the poor, hungry men,

Dealing with starvation and unemployment…

Isn’t he the one who should by us be helped?

My conscience pricks me! And that’s not funny!

They need not just a day’s rich feast,

But a means of earning their daily bread and money.

I am concerned about the young urchin and his buddies,

Deprived, exploited and kept away from schools!

Is it fair? We first prevent and deter their studies,

And then refer to them as ‘stupid fools’!

Isn’t it their right to get a good education?

‘Safeguard Every Child’s Rights’ — Aren’t those the rules?

I am concerned about our dear Mother Earth,

Whose soul is being ravaged every day.

Isn’t she the one who gave us a life after birth?

Does she deserve to be treated this way?

Stop deforestation, O stop the devastation!

Harmony with nature is the only way!

Yet I’m happy to see the sun shine bright,

It makes us all realize our fault,

That the exploitation and selfishness is never right,

And it’s got to be brought to a grinding halt.

If this seed of ‘Concern’ we all together sow,

Then the “Happiness” plant will nurture and grow!!

True Happiness

Wealth, Luxury, Power! Away! Hence,

For me happiness in small things only makes sense;

Why harbor materialistic illusions,

And force our minds into worthless decisions?

Beware the pitfalls of endless demands,

As we become puppets of other’s commands.

Trapped by this, happiness is cut off with speed

And in its stead arises only lustful greed;

Do we not understand

That by taking a wrong stand

Jealousy will bloom and dissatisfaction will breed?

Yet, I feel lucky to hear happiness

In the carefree laughter of a child,

In his innocent chatter, sweet and mild.

I hear happiness when the birds dance and twitter,

And when the green leaves verdant, rustle and glitter.

I see happiness when buds bloom into flowers,

And when the parched earth is soothed

By the first heavenly showers.

I see happiness when through the bowers

Out peeps the golden orb, while I’m still yawning,

Impeccable and awesome in its timing,

It rises to wish us all good morning.

I feel happiness like no other

To get a reassuring look from my mother,

And my sadness is chased far away by my brother.

I feel the happiness of the hopes of our future,

That the world is ours, for us to nurture,

And with the help of our dreams at every juncture

We’ll rise to the occasion and make it richer!!!

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Struggle of life

With patience in their eyes,

And fear in their hearts,

The cubs lie midst the tall brown grasses,

Where the heat beats down and the sun scorches.

Four days without their mother;

Doubts creep closer step by step,

Has she been shot-dead by greedy bullets,

Just for her hide, her claws, her bone?

Or has she abandoned her infants,

Too young to be alone?

Is there even in the wild any relation,

Purer than that of a mother and child?

How they quench their greed only to earn,

But forget, it’s a Mother for whom her babies yearn!

Their only concern is their ill-gotten gains,

Cruelly they silenced the tigress’s wails…

Back in the grasses, fearful and despaired,

The little ones struggle, in their lives impaired….

#save tigers, save the wild

#hope for a better future ๐Ÿ™‚

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