Summer Fiesta!!

Hello everyone!!

Hope you are doing well! πŸ™‚

Summers are knocking at the door and summer trends are back in town!!!!

The golden yellow sun with the warm sunshine, the bright marigolds,the sparkling sands and the beautiful hues of summer!!

Time for ice creams, mangoes, and FASHION!!!

So, talking about summer trends, the first thing that comes to my mind is frocks!!

Black and white has been an evergreen combination. And checks and stripes… Fabulous!!! Frocks are best for summer, especially long ones, comfortable and stylish!!


These ankle length cotton frocks with floral prints are just awesome. These colorful prints on pastel shades, specially white, gives you positivity and makes your day!! Plus the netted shoes, especially of dark colours like red give another angle to it!


Something very trendy these days are these T-shirt frocks or tunics. Simple, yet amazing!! These knee length, dark coloured casual frocks, paired with keds or sport shoes give you a sporty feel. Casual, comfortable and charismatic…!!!!!

Its a bit loose in fitting, so you get air circulation and don’t perspire much, which is perfect for summers!!

Next comes palazzos!!!! Long loose and lovely πŸ™‚ they are comfortable as well as stylish. There are silk, velvet, chiffon and netted palazzos. But for summers, the cotton and linen ones are best. Pair it with a light coloured crop top, or a mid-slit kurti, and you are ready for a day out!!!

The cotton frocks in single shades with polka dots or floral prints are perfect for picnics, sight-seeing, lunch dates, or shopping!! Pair it with a hat and sunglasses and you are ready!!

  • Maxie frocks

These old day frocks are back in town. Long gowns are an all time favourite! Toe length, full sleeved and made of cotton or khadi. The laces, pipings, beads and pleated bottoms enhance its beauty. They are just awesome and perfect for parties, specially functions at night. But they can be worn during the day as well!! They protect your skin from direct exposure to the sun and also make you look elegant!

Short dresses look cute and the pleated bottom which sways with the gentle breeze looks lovely. The light colours like cream, yellow, azure, peach and sea green with the floral prints are an evergreen combination!!!

So, hope you liked it. Pick up your bag and wallet…….and get, set, Shopping!!!! πŸ˜€

Enjoy these summers!! Dress up in your style, go for a vacation, live your life to the fullest!!!!

Do tell me your favourite summer dress in the comments section!

Be you πŸ™‚


Wedding trends!!!

Hi dear bloggers!!

In India, the wedding season is temporarily over but its gonna be back soon.

Actually, I went shopping today and I was captivated by the beautiful wedding outfits put on display.

Obviously, its a long time before I get married!! And none of my friends are going to be married now. So, I had no reason for buying one, but those outfits were just fabulous. I think I spent almost an hour or so, admiring those outfits!!

So, today I decided to do something different. Let’s talk about fashion today, specifically about wedding outfits!!

  • Western wear

These simple yet pretty gowns with intricate designs can win anyone’s heart!! There were special cotton and linen gowns with netted coverings specially designed for summer, apart from the velvet and silk ones.

Apart from the traditional white gowns, there were gowns of different colours specially of light shades like pink, azure, peach and yellow.

The floral gowns of vivid hues were the cherry on the cake. They always seem to be trending!!

  • Now, “Indian” wear!!

Indian weddings are a combination of cultures, colours and varieties. There are many rituals which make a wedding memorable.

The authentic traditional saree with minimum jewellery. The embroidered Patola blouse matches the green silk saree, and the beaded necklace and earrings with the simple yet authentic nosering add to its beauty.

This is the traditional Himachali wedding outfit, vibrant and gorgeous, with golden embroidery on green silk fabric. It is sometimes seen in the Muslim culture as well. The heavy bangles with the mehendi (dye) enhances the beauty.

The traditional, ethnic dress of the Manipuris. The people of Northeast look beautiful in this wedding outfit. The lehenga with the ethnic designs along with the tiara, adore the bride.

The most common yet the most beautiful style. Red chiffon or jaree ki saree with gold jewellery and the red chunri steals the show. Even beaded necklaces and pearl ornaments look very fashionable.

So, I guess now you are into the festive mood!!! Wedding season is a wonderful time in terms of love, ceremony, fun & frolic, reunion with family and friends, delicious savouries and desserts, elegant arrangements, a sacred relation and of course FASHION!!! Not only the wedding outfits of the bride and the groom but even the trendy dresses of the guests are just awesome!!!

Hope you enjoyed it.

See you soon in another post. Thank you for reading!!

Be happy, be fashionable! πŸ™‚

The Promise Of Love

My paintings – my old memories πŸ™‚

She was lonely and somewhat lost,

Broken deep down inside,

She wanted a companion, a friend,

Nothing more, to make a new start…….

With joyous surprise and thrill she beams,

She found the man of her dreams!!

Gentle, caring, trusting and understanding,

Into her life he came,

With the promise of fulfilment and happiness,

Things were no longer the same.

His presence around was a dream come true,

She’d never imagined a warmth of this hue!

Such emotions flowed through her,

Which she never knew she would feel,

Beauty, tenderness, faith and hope,

Her broken heart did heal…

Her secret prayers were answered,

And she had now decided,

Circumstances, whatever they may be,

Sorrows, joys or a difficulty,

She’d walk with him in every clime,

Right through to the end of time….!!!

PS: This is the story of my cousin sister and I had written this poem for her on her wedding day. I blogged it today, on her 2nd marriage anniversary, to pray that their relationship is strong and to wish them peace and joy!!!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

The School Stage

On all those regular, routine days,

The school stage looks lifeless in its shades of greys.

But soon enough there are days of celebrations,

And the stage bursts forth into colourful manifestations

As we enter the school on those special event days,

Excitement accompanies us on our ways.

There are expectations about the order of the day,

And the school stage awakens, a relevant message to convey.

Seeing the school stage so bright makes us speechless,

Priceless moments captured to forever become timeless.

On every special event, the stage appears attractive,

The backdrop conveys the message so appropriate and impressive.

The hard work of the juniors

The aesthetics of the seniors.

And lo! Before us is displayed,

A resplendent backdrop, never to fade!

On every gala event, be it Graduation or Parents’ Night

The stage rises to the occasion decked up like a bride!

It takes us all on a wonderful fantasy ride,

The feeling of awe within us, we simply cannot hide!

There are decorations of colourful ribbons and festoons,

That colourful, creative backdrop! It sends us into swoons.

Performances of the children breathe magic into it,

Or how else for any occasion does it become fit?

Though the stage has its own unique life story,

Its the performances undoubtedly who add to its glory!

It’s heart beats loud and it’s face cheerfully glows,

As it beckons the eager students to happily put up their shows!!



Thanks πŸ™‚

3 quotes for 3 days

Day 3

Today is the last day of the challenge. And I am a bit confused with many quotes flashing in my mind. But I would like to post something linked to my first post:

Trust no future, however pleasant,

Let the dead past bury its dead,

Act—act in the living present,

Heart within and God overhead!

Yes, the past is gone and the future is uncertain. What is in your hands is the present. So, learn from the past, plan for the future and enjoy your present.

Have faith in the Almighty and trust in yourself.

I remember the words of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam:

Don’t give up if you fail because failure means:

F – First

A – Attempt

I – In

L – Learning

End is never the ending because:

E – Effort

N – Never

D – Dies…..

When you get ‘No’ as an answer, don’t lose heart, because ‘No’ means

N – Next

O – Opportunity

So, you must have understood that nothing in this world is impossible if you have the determination, the passion and the confidence because Impossible itself says I’m possible!!

Wish you all the best in life.

#be positive πŸ™‚


The End!

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