Lyrics Style- Three Days Quote Challenge- Day 1

Big thanks to A.J. of Tokens of Expression for nominating me for this challenge. Thanks for the recognition I really enjoyed this challenge ❀ check out her blog here


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post one quote (song lyric) each day for three days.
  3. Nominate three people.

When you ask me to post a song lyric, its obviously much more than just a quote and honestly, there are so many beautiful songs with such heart warming and meaningful lyrics that its almost next to impossible to choose just one….

But I am sharing with all of you here, one of my personal favourite song lyrics.

Its kind of a prayer song from the Bollywood movie Dhoom 3. Its about faith in the Almighty, hope and confidence.

There’s another memory attached to this song which makes the lyrics special.

I had participated in a group singing competition along with my friends in school (in 2015, I guess) We had practised a song but a day before the competition, unfortunately, our lead singer caught a severe cold and couldn’t sing…!!!! We’re tensed and didn’t know what to do!!! My friends suggested that I should take the lead but I wasn’t prepared. We had lost all hope when suddenly, I heard this song on the television on a music channel.

It gave us hope and finally, we changed the plan and chose this song, practised all night and presented it the next day. Here’s the audio recording of our performance, do listen to it!!

And yes, here’s the lyrics which gave us hope:

Bande hai hum uske,

Hum pe kiska jor,

Umeedo k suraj,

Nikale Charo aur,

Iraade hai fauladi,

Himmati har kadam,

Apne hathon kismat likhne,

Aaj chale hai hum….

Its said that reading a poem in translation is like kissing a girl through the veil. But still here’s the English translation of the lyrics for those who don’t understand Hindi:

We are the creations of the Almighty,

No one can hurt us (because he is watching us from above)

There is the sunshine of hope,

Spread in every direction,

We are determined and our intentions are strong,

Our steps are courageous,

We are ready today and we are heading towards,

Writing our destiny with our own hands…

We secured the Runners Up prize but for us, it was no less than the winner’s trophy because it was not just one night’s practice but it was the enthusiasm and hope in all our hearts which gave fire to our performance! πŸ™‚

At last I would conclude saying that “Never lose hope”. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!!

My nominees:

  1. A Man Deep
  2. Vishal Dutia
  3. Niraj of The Lost Heart!

Have a nice day. πŸ™‚

Summer Fiesta!!

Hello everyone!!

Hope you are doing well! πŸ™‚

Summers are knocking at the door and summer trends are back in town!!!!

The golden yellow sun with the warm sunshine, the bright marigolds,the sparkling sands and the beautiful hues of summer!!

Time for ice creams, mangoes, and FASHION!!!

So, talking about summer trends, the first thing that comes to my mind is frocks!!

Black and white has been an evergreen combination. And checks and stripes… Fabulous!!! Frocks are best for summer, especially long ones, comfortable and stylish!!


These ankle length cotton frocks with floral prints are just awesome. These colorful prints on pastel shades, specially white, gives you positivity and makes your day!! Plus the netted shoes, especially of dark colours like red give another angle to it!


Something very trendy these days are these T-shirt frocks or tunics. Simple, yet amazing!! These knee length, dark coloured casual frocks, paired with keds or sport shoes give you a sporty feel. Casual, comfortable and charismatic…!!!!!

Its a bit loose in fitting, so you get air circulation and don’t perspire much, which is perfect for summers!!

Next comes palazzos!!!! Long loose and lovely πŸ™‚ they are comfortable as well as stylish. There are silk, velvet, chiffon and netted palazzos. But for summers, the cotton and linen ones are best. Pair it with a light coloured crop top, or a mid-slit kurti, and you are ready for a day out!!!

The cotton frocks in single shades with polka dots or floral prints are perfect for picnics, sight-seeing, lunch dates, or shopping!! Pair it with a hat and sunglasses and you are ready!!

  • Maxie frocks

These old day frocks are back in town. Long gowns are an all time favourite! Toe length, full sleeved and made of cotton or khadi. The laces, pipings, beads and pleated bottoms enhance its beauty. They are just awesome and perfect for parties, specially functions at night. But they can be worn during the day as well!! They protect your skin from direct exposure to the sun and also make you look elegant!

Short dresses look cute and the pleated bottom which sways with the gentle breeze looks lovely. The light colours like cream, yellow, azure, peach and sea green with the floral prints are an evergreen combination!!!

So, hope you liked it. Pick up your bag and wallet…….and get, set, Shopping!!!! πŸ˜€

Enjoy these summers!! Dress up in your style, go for a vacation, live your life to the fullest!!!!

Do tell me your favourite summer dress in the comments section!

Be you πŸ™‚


Wedding trends!!!

Hi dear bloggers!!

In India, the wedding season is temporarily over but its gonna be back soon.

Actually, I went shopping today and I was captivated by the beautiful wedding outfits put on display.

Obviously, its a long time before I get married!! And none of my friends are going to be married now. So, I had no reason for buying one, but those outfits were just fabulous. I think I spent almost an hour or so, admiring those outfits!!

So, today I decided to do something different. Let’s talk about fashion today, specifically about wedding outfits!!

  • Western wear

These simple yet pretty gowns with intricate designs can win anyone’s heart!! There were special cotton and linen gowns with netted coverings specially designed for summer, apart from the velvet and silk ones.

Apart from the traditional white gowns, there were gowns of different colours specially of light shades like pink, azure, peach and yellow.

The floral gowns of vivid hues were the cherry on the cake. They always seem to be trending!!

  • Now, “Indian” wear!!

Indian weddings are a combination of cultures, colours and varieties. There are many rituals which make a wedding memorable.

The authentic traditional saree with minimum jewellery. The embroidered Patola blouse matches the green silk saree, and the beaded necklace and earrings with the simple yet authentic nosering add to its beauty.

This is the traditional Himachali wedding outfit, vibrant and gorgeous, with golden embroidery on green silk fabric. It is sometimes seen in the Muslim culture as well. The heavy bangles with the mehendi (dye) enhances the beauty.

The traditional, ethnic dress of the Manipuris. The people of Northeast look beautiful in this wedding outfit. The lehenga with the ethnic designs along with the tiara, adore the bride.

The most common yet the most beautiful style. Red chiffon or jaree ki saree with gold jewellery and the red chunri steals the show. Even beaded necklaces and pearl ornaments look very fashionable.

So, I guess now you are into the festive mood!!! Wedding season is a wonderful time in terms of love, ceremony, fun & frolic, reunion with family and friends, delicious savouries and desserts, elegant arrangements, a sacred relation and of course FASHION!!! Not only the wedding outfits of the bride and the groom but even the trendy dresses of the guests are just awesome!!!

Hope you enjoyed it.

See you soon in another post. Thank you for reading!!

Be happy, be fashionable! πŸ™‚

Changing Colours of Nature…

While the hot sun churns you,

And the summer vacation remains overdue,

The morning session takes away your sleep,

And the sight of books makes you weep.

When to work and study become the compulsion of life;

And your body feels it has been stabbed by a burning knife.

The dazzling golden yellow sun,

Finds way to weave its magic and fun.

The yellow wild flowers bloom bright,

The juicy yellow mangoes please our sight.

The blazing red gulmohur beckons every bird,

Its the time to enjoy chilled lassi and curd.

Then comes a rumbling in my mind and soul,

Something, very different, is served in nature’s bowl…

Droplets are showered from the darkened sky,

To resurrect everything that seems to die.

Nature gets back her colours that were lost,

Life gets back its energy at no extra cost!!

Green begins to weave its magic all around,

Seeing the lush green fields, my joy knows no bounds.

The green guavas growing in our yard, lovely to be seen,

Are eaten by the lively parrots green.

When the weather cools and becomes well behaved,

For autumn’s colours the way gets paved.

Goddess Durga and festivities fill us with delight,

Shoe flowers red and marigolds bright.

The pleasant colours of autumn merge along,

With the sweet hues of winter’s song….

We don our woolens on, silver dew is on the grass;

Bulletin boards are decorated for X-mas, in the class.

The mornings are misty, warm is the afternoon,

Orange dusk makes way for the pearly white moon,

The red roses smile and the lotus turns pink,

Nature retrieves its colours as if in a wink.

Thanks πŸ™‚

#Nature – a beauty to be admired