Miss you Friend!!

Its a story written in flashback style but in the form of a poem. Hope you like it 🙂

At night, when I stare at the ceiling,

There is such an empty feeling,

I stare outside the window and now at the door,

My body may be, but my mind isn’t here any more.

Your memories remain but my feelings are lost,

Your future maybe bright but my present is its cost…

How long I’ve travelled in my search for you,

And where you are now, I have no clue.

I don’t know why you went so far,

But for you I can travel even to the star.

The lovely gifts which you gave me,

You were always ready to save me,

To face the troubles, you dared for me,

Every moment, you cared for me.

During the classes, the faces you made,

And during the exams, how your expressions used to fade!!

How our tiffins we used to share,

And all your pranks seemed so fair.

The letters which you used to write,

For my sake, how you used to fight.

When someone teased me, the anger in your eyes,

When I chided you, your cute – sweet lies…

The jokes you made to lighten my mood,

The fun we had, was all so good.

When you sat in the classroom beside me,

Your love and concern, I could see.

When you appreciated me, my personality shone,

Without you, now I feel I am alone…

My heart feels excess of pain,

Your absence is driving me totally insane!

How I struggle to blossom without you,

And I know I really, deeply miss you…..

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
via Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, week 3

19 thoughts on “Miss you Friend!!

    1. We were childhood friends but the only problem is when he went to Delhi for higher studies, I forgot to take his number and he couldn’t ask me for my no. as I didn’t have a phone….I was 11 at that time I guess… So no contact! But I hope we’ll meet again… 😀

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